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Our Hotel Tourfa offers a convenient way to explore the area, so you are guaranteed to have fun. In our facility, we provide a fast and hassle-free experience with express check-in and check-out – ideal for busy people who want maximum comfort. Non-key systems provide a secure way to enter and exit a room, just like regular keys. With our direct airport transfer, you can get from the arrivals hall straight to your destination without any additional stops. Are you looking for a place where you can relax and unwind? Our Hotel provides luxurious towels that you can take full advantage of! You deserve a perfect stay. Search for the perfect room at the accommodation by browsing through detailed guest reviews for this accommodation. The location of your next stay matters, so read what others are saying before making a decision!


Client Testimonials

I just want to thank Venetian Real Estate for their many years of management of our properties. I appreciate the flexibility they’ve provided in working with us. They have always exceeded our expectations.

Matt Thomas

In my time working with Venetian Real Estate I’ve found them to be totally reliable. We are small-scale property owners and have always been skeptical about working with a larger real estate group. Venetian Real Estate put all of our uncertainty to rest. These guys are good.

Jennifer Smith

When I got a new job in a neighboring city, I lost most of my free time and couldn’t keep up with my home. Though I could keep up with the basics, my lawn and landscaping was a mess! Haven Real Estate did an awesome job when they found a landscaper who could work with my schedule and had my home looking amazing again.

Janice Lewis

After my wife passed away, I didn’t know what needed to happen at what time with the systems in our home. I was completely at wit’s end when a dear friend recommended Haven’s home maintenance service. Now my home is in good repair and it will continue working when it’s passed on to our children.

Alan Moore

Insight. Culture. Passion.